ZANLURE Silver Carp Bighead Carp Float Fishing Set Barbed Six Strong Explosion Hooks Fishing Tackle


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Position:Ocean Rock Fshing
With barb or Not:Yes
Fishing Bait Cage with six strong fishing hooks, is very sharp and durable.
The basket can be opened, and it is easy to control the  spray time.
Great fishing bobber for anglers, making them get the instant information of fishing.
A wonderful gift for fishing lovers.
The floats and fishing groups should be raised between 40-80cm suitable distance according to the temperature conditions. Before throwing pole, make sure that the cage is firmly engaging. Adjustable when baited.
Adjustable that the thick dilution of baited bait to control the spray time, the thick spray slower, dilute can be more faster.
Hooks do not need any treatment,and can be directly drooping naturally, after thawing bait drift down through the bait cage scattered, fish smoking process will unconsciously hook. Then find where the fish aqueous layer is adjusted to float directly invested in the position to wait for fishing it.
Steps for usage:
1. Put the main line sequentially through space beans, hollow drop and floating slip thread, tie and set into the main fishing group connector.
2. Opened the hook, poke up and down the cage, you can load the bait.
3. Place the baits into group cage, close the cage, hang engaging.
4. In order to avoid the hook-line is wound, you can hook into the baits.
5. Enjoy your fishing.
Package including:
1x Fishing Bait Cage with 6 Strong Hooks 
1x Bobber
1x Sinker
1 x Float