ZANLURE 5:5:1 KF 13BB Ball Bearing Fishing Spinning Reel Right Left Hand Salt Water Freshwater Wheel


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Condition: 100% Brand New & High Quality
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See the table below for details

                                                               Product Parameters
                 Model          Gear Ratio          Ball Bearings

             Line Capacity(For Reference Only)

                 KF1000              5.5:1            12+1BB             0.15mm/200m 0.20mm/150m
                 KF2000              5.5:1            12+1BB  0.15mm/220m 0.18mm/200m 0.20mm/180m
                 KF3000              5.5:1            12+1BB  0.20mm/300m 0.25mm/195m 0.30mm/135m
                 KF4000              5.5:1            12+1BB  0.25mm/300m 0.30mm/155m 0.35mm/115m
                 KF5000              5.5:1            12+1BB  0.30mm/170m 0.35mm/125m 0.40mm/100m
                 KF6000              5.5:1            12+1BB  0.28mm/270m 0.33mm/220m 0.35mm/180m
                 KF7000              5.5:1            12+1BB  0.28mm/300m 0.35mm/200m 0.40mm/200m

●Metal cable cup with metal interchangeable collapsible rocker arm,and wooden handle.
●Light weight body,delicate design,as well as firm junction of the handle, work smoothly, perfect tool for fishing.

1.Model KF1000-KF2000 is small-sized fishing reel,,they are recommended to work with the Shore Fishing Rod / Raft Fishing Rod / Spinning Lure Rod / Short Sea Fishing Rod and No.2 / No.3 Fishing Line.
2.Model KF3000-KF5000 is middle-sized fishing reel,,they are recommended to work withthe Sea Fishing Rod and No.4 / No.6 Fishing Line.
3.Model KF6000-KF7000 is big-sized fishing reel,,they are recommended to work withthe Sea Fishing Rod and No.7 / No.8 Fishing Line.

The default Hand Retrieve of the reel is Right-Handed,and if you want to use Left-Handed, you can adjust it after you receive the reel,the adjust method is very simple,just switching the direction of the reel rocker arm.

Package includes:
1 x  Fishing Spinning Reel