ZANLURE 50pcs Weight Assorted Bullet Copper Lead Sinker Fishing 1.8/3.5/5/7/10g Durable


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Product Name Bullets Copper Suit
Material Plastic
Quantity 50pcs
ColorColor Gold
Produt Weight 275g

Lure fishing accessories tackle.
Package includes about 25pcs threaded copper bullets of various weight and 25pcs bevel bullets copper of various weight.
5 * 1.8g thread bullet copper,5 * 3.5g thread bullet copper,5 * 5g thread bullet copper,5 * 7g thread bullet copper,5 * 10g thread bullet copper
5*1.8g beveled bullet copper,5*3.5g beveled bullet copper,5*5g beveled bullet copper,5*7g beveled bullet copper,5*10g beveled bullet copper
Boxes One (12.7cm * 6cm * 2.3cm)

Package Included:
1 x 50PCS Bullets Copper Suit