ZANLURE 360 Rotating 110LM LED Fishing Lamp Headlights Multifunction Induction Cap Lights With USB


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Production Name 360 degree rotating LED inducation cap light
Material Polycarbonate / PC
Size 6.4cm (Max Length) * 3.6cm (Max Width)
Color Black
Weight 60g
Trandition Mode Three (Glare, hight, low light)
Sensing Mode 20% brightness; 99.99% brightness
Light Source Light Blub + LED
Output 25-110 Lumens / 5v
Power Supply from USB Charge
Battery Built-in lithum Battery (Included)
Light Time Low light for 18.5h, high light for 6.5h, glare for 2.5h
Wear Wrist, waist, hat

2017 New 360 degree rorating ball design be convenient for all kinds of wear scenes.
Light source is LED 3535 sticker lamp. The max lumens is 110lm. Easily switch to three modes.
When waving, please try to align the lights next to the two receivers, it will be more sensitive.
Tradition Mode: Just press the back switch.  
First: 10% brightness. Secound: 30 brightness. Thitd: 99.99 brightness.
Sensing Mode: Double-click into the back switch. Then the top green light lights up. 
First: 20 brightness. Second: 99.99 brightness.
The red light is on when the power is less than 10%.
Lighter, faster, more agile. 
Application: Ourdoors, cycling, fishing, fixing car and so on.

Package Included:
1 pc x LED induction cap light
1 pc x Adjustable headband
1 pc x USB charging cable