Wrist Watch Type Fish Finder Color Screen Wireless Lattice Fish Finder


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Model Name: Fish Finder
Weight: 500g
Screen:1.77 inches TFT color LCD (Liquid Crystal Display )
Sonar Freqency:125KHZ
Backlight: LED
Power Supply Requirement: 3.7V recycable lithium ion battery
Sonar Explore Angle: 90
Scope of Measuring Depth:0.7m-45m
Maximum Wiress Operation Distance: 100m
Wireless Frequency: 433.92MHz

Screen can well accurately show the bottom configuration,temprature,
fish and depth,it raise alarm rapidly when explore the fish
Higher color screen resolution,and could magnify the screen in one part
Further exploring distance,could reach 45m depth

Package Includes:
1x Probe
1x Watch Type Displaying Instrument
1x Charger
1x Instructions(English and Chinese)