WoSporT Hunting HD-04 CS Field Tactical Camping Equipment 3 Generation Headphones Honorable



Brand: WoSporT
Model: HD-04
Item Name: Tactical three generations of headphones
Color: Black, Mud(001),Gray
Material: Nylon
Carrying style: Headset
Occasion: Outdoor, Hunting
Weight: 150g
Package: PVC

1.High quality ABS & rubber noice reduction headset and each side come with a microphone.
2.Excellent design of the headband with detachable camo cover case.
3.Ear muff are coated with the leather and foam for comfortable use.
4.Can create a better noice reduction feeling and equipped with the breather holes to improve the useful life.
5.NATO Standard Plug can be used to connect your headset and PTT.
6.Please noted: PTT is not included here.

Package Includes:
1 * Headphones

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