Spinners Hard Baits Fishing Lure Composite Sequins Bait Metal Lure


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Name: buzzbait
Category: lure
Type: artificial bait
Material: metal
Weight: 18g
Color: as the picture shown (Color Random Delivery)

Special design of sequins will collect the line in your rapidly rotating, generated sequins rotation rely on water light radiation and rotation of the sound to attract attention of fish, lure fish bait.
It is the lure of one of the most ancient, color, shape, metal reflection caused by strong will influence fish.
With rotary sequins swinging, constantly flashing light and ringing, fish will attack it.
As the same as spinner bait,  has strong anti-hanging function, essential for hazard.
To catch the main mouth fish, perch mandarin fish, etc.

Package Included:
1x1pcs fishing lure