Popper Lure Floating Crankbaits Fishing Baits Feather Treble hooks


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Name:Minnow fishing bait with feather Treble hooks
Bait's length:5cm/0.16ft
Bait type:Floating bait
Color:Red,bule,green(random color for order)

Its outstanding feature is small beads in its body to keep gravity balance and to attract mightily fish's attention.
It could reflex all angles light to attract to more fish that to adopt to newest paint.
Besides, it suit for different hydrological.
And it's a kind of good lure fishing bait for fish beginner.
Target fish are bass,blck fish,tilapia,alice fish,Herring and catfish.

There to talk about fishing alice billfish for a instance.
1.During daytime or night,groups of fish swimming in the water,it would be good to choose floating or half floating pencil fish or minnow lures.
2.At noon the sun is too bright to keep fish swimming in the deep water,so choose half floated minnow or sequins bait,VIB would be great,maybe a surprise would hit to you.
3.LURE fishing is up to the weather and waters to decide the color of lures.There are some suggestions:
Good to choose brighter white,yellow or pink lures in cloudy day.
Sunny day,to choose sliver or yellow lures is better.
In the turbid waters,it's great to choose natural black or red lures.
To choose light green or light purple lures to replace in the clean water.
4.In fact, it's a basic infomation of choosing lures color for your referrence,more practice,more gain.Good luck!

Package included:
1x1pc  Minnow fishing bait with feather Treble hooks