Outdoor Fishing Tackle 8 Shaft 5000 5:2:1 Fishing Line Reel Metal Cup


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Product Name: Fishing Reel
Product No: SP500
Fishing Method: Spinning
Bearing number: 8 shaft
Transmission ratio: 5:2:1 (suit for left and right hand)
Line capacity: 0.40mm/220m, 0.45mm/200m, 0.50mm/120m
Reel classification: before unloading force spinning Reel
8 BB precision bearing
Elegant and beautiful design
Zero clearance reaction system
Super hardness nylon composite material
Bi-color and aluminum alloy metal cup
Metal folding arm suit for left and right hand
Super smooth, metal cup, big capacity and folding arm.

Package Included:
1 x Fishing Reel