Minnow Fishing Lure Bass Hard Bait Tackleass Baits Hooks


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Item Specifics:
Length: 11cm
Weight :13.4g
Diving depth: 0.6-1.8m
Color: as picture shown

Smooth and rapid diving action
Creat life-like swimming actions in water
Gravity shift  ball in vivo, can move to the tail while casting, stable and smooth,beneficial for casting
Laser surface fish scale, reflect extraneous light,lure fish easily
Several small ball in the body, while dragging will sound, strongly attract  the fish
Main target fish: Bass,Pike, Perch,Opsariichthys bidens and other predatory fish

Caution:The hooks on this product are extremely sharp, so please handle with special care.

 Note: We will send the item in random color.

Package included:
1x 11cm/13.4g Fish  Lure