LEO 52Pcs Fishing Lures Lead Hooks Soft Bait Set Bass Lure Tackle


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Category: Lure Kit
Type: Artificial Bait
Color: Multi
Quantity: 52pcs
Gross Weight: 76g
Material:Rubber, High carbon steel and Lead
Small soft bait, in different circumstances, with different assembly methods can produce  different results.
With different parts,the effect will be better:
TEXAS RIG: soft bait hook add a special ring bead and lead bullets. Specializing in the  underlying and obstacle area.
CAROLINA: in front of the soft special hook bait 15 to 30 cm tie a horoscope ring, ring beads and lead bullets.Specializing in the bottom waters.
Down Shot: below the soft bait hook or special hook 10 to 30cm add a Hanged lead.Specializing in the underlying and obstacle area.
JIG HEAD: tie soft lead head hook bait with the main line ,dedicated and hung soft insects can be. Specializing in the underlying rocks and region.
Lead head hook is easy to operate, but also good at imitating the case of fish and shrimp to escape, with the transfer of the center of gravity clever to attract the fish chase bite, simple operation, high fish fishing group.
Package Include:
 1x 52pcs Fishing Lures Tackle