LEO 4 to10 Pcs Luminous Fishing Lure Bait Silica Gel Carbon Hooks Night Light Fishing Tackle


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Material:Silica gel
Color :Light green and silver hooks

NO  001 002 003 004 005 006
length 5.5cm 7cm 8cm 10cm 12cm  15cm
weight 0.6g 1g 2.4g 3g 4.7g 5.4g
quantity 10pcs 10pcs 8pcs 6pcs 5pcs 4pcs

A luminous effect, this item can be more better in night and deep water, comes with hooks. And if you want to use it only need to hang up the line.
It will be more shine if put under the sunshine or light for minutes before use.

NOTE: Please check the size carefully before buy.  

Package includes:
1 x One Bag of  Lure Baits 

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