Lead Head Hook Fish Lure Rubber Jig Head Crank Single Hook Tassel


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Name: beard old ( rubber jig )
Category: fishing lure bait
Type: artificial bait
Material: lead, metal, rubber
Weight: 15g
Color: as the picture shown (Color Random Delivery)
Main object of fish: bass, mandarin fish, snakehead

Designed in rubber beard lure, lead bead, with sharp hooks on the lure bait, perfect for the people who love fishing very much.
Lead head hook is easy to operate, also good at imitating fish, shrimp, triggering swimming strokes.
It can cause fish to chase more, is a simple operation of the highest rate of catch fish in one of the fishing tackle
Methods: jump low mainly. Also can hang a big long bug rocking back directly.

Package Included:
1x1pcs fishing lure bait