Bobing 500M Multicolored PE Braided Fishing Line 4 Strands Power 8-80LB Fishing Wire


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Brand Name Bobing
Item Name Multicolored PE Fishing Line
Material Polyethylene
Color Multicolored
Length Approx. 500m
Line Number  0.4# to 8.0#
Diameter Approx. 0.105mm-0.467mm

1. Great value, premium quality with an affordable price
2. Superior abrasion resistance function, good durability
3. Faster cut water with fine linearity linear performance
4.  Excellent water repellent effect, quite low water absorption
5. Tensile force comes from 5LB to 15LB to meet different need
6. 10 meter 1 color multifilament lines design, 500 meter in total
7. Power pull strength, Fine softness and flexibility, High stability
8. Saltwater/freshwater fishing available, fit for sea, river, lake, stream, pond, etc.
9. Admirable low ductility and stretch, accurate biting transmission, effective fish catching
10. 4-strand PE braided spiral tightly weaving method, balance force, impressive fishing force value

Package Included:
1 pc X 500m PE Fishing Line