Bobing 300M 5 Hours/5200mAh Intelligent Wireless Fish Finder Electric Remote Control Fishing Boat


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Brand Bobing
Item Name Wireless Remote Control Fishing Baits Boat
Item Type Electric RC Hit Nest Ship
Material Stainless Steel+Rubber+Engineering Plastic
Color Red, Green
Highest Speed 1 to 2.5km/H
Control Range Approx. 8-300m
Bearing Approx. 750g to 1200g
Boat Size pprox. 430 X 160 X 135mm
Function Hit Nest, Turn Left/Right, Forward, Backward
1. Exquisite workmanship and quality,
2. Super large capacity baits tank, 750g to 1200g available
3. Long continuous navigation, offer smooth hit baits experience
4. Great value, low noise, high performance with affordable price
5. Waterproof battery power display, accurate, considerate indicator
6. Practical rubber air vent plug, let watervapor run out and dried out
7. Streamlined boat back design for higher speed, wind waves resistance
8. Front LED light design, convenient night version, effective fish attracting
9. 5 Motor intelligent remote controller, easy operation, convenient installation
10. Stainless steel anti-grass gear, easy cleaning, obstacles free, smoother sailing
11. One rechargeable boat battery attached, easy charging process when necessary
12. Can also used for dropping fishing lure,line and hook when baits casting as need
13. Perfect fishing necessity for anglers, suitable for Pond, Stream, Lake, River, Sea Bait, Hit nest
Package Included:
1 X Remote Control Fishing Baits Boat

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