5.5M Live Fish Lock Belt Buckle Stainless Steel Lure Fishing Tackle


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Item Specifics:
Name:Fishing Lock Buckle
Material:stainless steel

Total length:5.5m
Buckle length:15cm
Buckle width:6cm
Buckle quantity:5
Fit for:lure fishing,rock fishing,hand rod fishing

Stainless steel fishing lock is resistance to seawater corrosion
After you catch the fish,use the fish lock to fix with the fishing gills for as many as three big fish
The tightness of the buckle is safe and can be controlled easily
Fishing lock make your fish live as long as possible
Convenient to buckle of big fish,such as bas,mandarinfish
The floating device will protect fish from sink
The plastic soft wire can bear great force from the fish,even over 100 kilos

Method of usage:
Use the fish lock to fix with the gills as many as three fish,and then put the fish in the water,the fish will not die.On the other side,there is a float design device to raise the fish conveniently

Package Included:
1X5pcs Fishing Lock Buckle
1X1pcs Fishing Rope
1X1pcs Buoyancy Device