4M Luminous Light Tube Glow Tubing Attract Fish Deep Sea Fishing Tool 2mm x1.2mm


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Material: Silicone
Color: Light Green
Tensile strength: 4.0-8.0MPa
Elongation: ≥200%
Tear Strength: 15-KN / M,
Shore hardness: 30-80 + 5
Long-term temperature: -70 ℃ ——250 ℃, short-term up to 300 ℃ for several hours
Length: 4m/157.48"(appr.)
Outer diameter: 2mm/0.08"(appr.)
Inner diameter: 1.2mm/0.05"(appr.)

Made of silicone material,has good cold resistance and high hardness.
Can be used to rig lures, protect line or the main use is as an attractant for night fishing or deepwater fish like blue eye cod.
Produces excellent glow in the dark.
Usage: need to use in the sun or light shine for a while in order to achieve good results.

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1X 1 Pcs Glow Tubing Fishing