30M x 1.2M Clear White Fishing Fish Trap Monofilament Gill Net Nylon Silk Nets


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Dimensions: 30m x 1.2m
Net Hole Size: 2cm x  2cm
Color: Green, White
Single Nets: Only One Mesh, Mounted Above The Float


Do not pull the nets in the water holding tight to make fishing nets loose, so the effect will be better.

Can also be used under good nets or bamboo beat the water still ran up the stone and let the fish play "catch fish" effect.

Saw the fish hit the net do not rush the net, and other fish wrapped in prison, retractable compartment gateway recommend at least 1 hour or longer.
When the order to close the net income also press the floating head, the Internet can be used if the fish.

The net hydrostatic appropriately selected, slow water waters and a float under a float floating head according to the order when the net, not offside.
Brail fish live copy again brought out of the water, so the fish can reduce the run rate.

Package Included:
1 x Net