25PCS Soft Fishing Lure Worm Single Tail Maggots Bass Bait


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Category:  lure bait

Bait type:  false bait
Material: soft plastic ,gel,rubber
Shape: single tail maggots
Total weight: 20g
Length: 3.5cm
Quatity: 25pcs/pack
Color:  Jade-like stone green

Single tail maggots shaped fishing lure bait.
Soft and can easily attached to the fish hook.
With smell, It is a good accessory for fishing.
Soft bait curled tail even slight pull, also can reflect the strong.
Capuchin maggots' tail of the half moon, drag in the water, can simulate the fish's tail,
swaying to attract the attention of the fish and attack!

Package Included:
1x  fishing lure (25pcs/pack, 1 pack)