2.7 M 8.86FT Fishing Rod Travel Spinning Fishing Rod Pole


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Item:sea fishing pole
Material:carbon fiber
closed length:43cm
Extended length:2.7m
Butt dia:19.2mm
Top dia:1.2mm
Suit for:sea beach fishing, sea boat fishing, sea rock fishing, reiver fishing, reservoir pond fishing, stream fishing

This fishing rod is made of top grade carbon fiber.
With the features of good elasticity,strong heavy capacity,durable.
It is a straight heavy power ,excellecent toughness and super-hard fishing pole.
Rearward center of gravity design, prolonged use do not feel tired.
Designed to be retractable handles so can be lengthened 14CM, easy to carry.
Best suitable for fishing from the shore, reefs and rocks on trips and vacations.
A high quality carbon fiber telescopic rod made out from strong and durable materials, best suitable for beginners fishermen.

Package Included:
1x 2.7M fishing rod(not includ the reel)